Product Material

  • Genuine Leather: Crazy Horse, Bambi, Pull up
  • Sole: TPR , Rubber, Phylon / EVA
  • Accessories: YKK zippers, metal buckles, metal eyelets

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Genuine leather:
Crazy horse leather is a type of leather that has a pattern that looks old or vintage, with a texture like pull-up leather. When pulled, the crazy horse skin type will be a level lighter than the previous colour. The texture is soft and seems more natural.
Pull up cow leather is classified as the most popular type of cow leather and is most widely used as a raw material for making leather goods. Due to its flexible nature, pull up leather is often used in the leather bag business. Unlike vegetable leather, pull up leather is processed with chemicals.
Shellac leather doesn’t look like leather, because it looks like shiny synthetic leather. It is indeed the finishing of the skin. This type of leather is relatively waterproof, because the texture is slippery, and maintenance is easy, you don’t need to polish it, you just need to wipe it.
Nappa leather usually comes from lamb or sheepskin and is a very delicate kind of leather. Nappa is famous for it’s softness and durability. This is why nappa is a convenient type of leather for al sorts of products such as furniture, shoes and other leather products such as bags and wallets.

TRP or Thermo Plastic Rubber, which is a type of sole made from melted raw rubber and then printed into a shoe sole mould. The advantages of this material are good traction, durability, and durability in the face of rough surfaces.
Ethyl Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) or Phylon
One of these types of plastic is the lightest among other types of bearings. Phylon soles are the development of EVA soles which have been melted using a heater and then cooled using a sole moulding machine with a shower of cold temperatures.

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